Professional Writings

This section provides articles I have written about aspects of my career in spinal neurosurgery, especially on the role of mentoring and teaching. I hope you find them to be a valuable resource.

Athena, Aesculapius, and Beyond: The Art of Mentoring, The Spine Journal, Elsevier, 2002

The Neurosurgeon as Mentor and Student, From CNS Annual Meeting, Collected Papers, 2003


The World Cup and World Neurosurgery


Excellence in Neurosurgery


The Privilege to Care


NASS Journal Spineline Columns

The entries below provide reflections from a column I wrote for Spineline, the clinical and news journal for NASS, the North American Spine Society, during my tenure as president of that organization in 2001. They may provide insight to some of the issues confronting spinal neurosurgery, as well as some of my concerns during that time.

December 2000, The Next Year

January 2001, Thanks Coach

March/April 2001, The Dawn of Dig

May/June 2001, Mr. Reynolds

July/August, Diversity

September/October, Spine, Sex, and Seattle